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We are sure you understand the importance of business plans. ProfitPlus are experts in the ultimate comprehensive 5-year business plans, rated in 2019 by a Barclay's Bank loan adviser as 'Outstanding... the best business plan I have ever seen'.

We would like to offer you access to our business plan workshops for your customers. A great added value service from you.... a fantastic live business plan for your customers or contacts which should considerably help them in achieving success and growth of their business.

(1-year planning workshops also available)

2-day planning workshop


Your customers or contacts get first-hand insights into how to more effectively take CONTROL of their business, PLAN its direction, and BUILD toward a more positive future for them and their business…


Invite your customers to our Business PlanningCLUB workshop's to gain laser-sharp clarity in the first stage of building a business . A business with predictive revenue, cash flow, and profits. A business which will succeed and grow.


They leave the two day workshop with a live modelled business plan, laser focused direction, predictive financial growth, and powerful insights into what drives the success of their business. Over time they can make changes to the live information and reproduce their plan at the touch of a button.

Ideal for:

Investment and Bank Funding

Attracting Investors

Those Starting a New Business

Established Businesses seeking Business Growth

  • Workshop can be top and tailed by you to help your customer see this added value initiative is from you

  • Support material can be joint branded

  • Workshops involve one or two people from each customer

  • Exclusive VIP workshops are generally between 5-10 customers


  • Are a Start-Up or established business that wants to flourish

  • Have a vision but not the plan (written) to get there

  • Is successful but wants to get there faster

  • Is serious about business growth, increasing profits and realising the dreams they had when they started the business

Key benefits

  • Two days with a ProfitPlus business expert to help strategise their business

  • Online access to our powerful business modelling tool

  • Access to more than 570 business strategies to help owners grow their business

Key benefits


  • A full business plan which owners use to gain funding or improve their business

  • Ideas to immediately improve revenue, cash flow, profits and equity growth

  • Online access to live plan

  • The chance to join like-minded business people 


Affiliate commission to you (per customer)


20%, equivalent to approxmiately £400

based on a 5-year plan

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The reason I did the PlanningCLUB workshop was so I could put the ideas in my head into a plan. It really got me thinking about where I am and where I want to be in two to five years. This workshop has really cleared up my thinking, purpose, and milestones. To business owners who have not done a business plan... give this a go!

Kevin Rowley