Quarterly Executive Boards with a group of business owners, fortnightly one-hour or one-to-one sessions with your business adviser, plus monthly financially focused review meeting all designed to grow the business.

Working with your business to monitor and improve monthly financial performance via online financial reporting via Spotlight Reporting. Includes a comprehensive business plan, fortnightly one-hour one-on-one sessions, and 1/4ly refocus sessions.

Develop a plan for your business to gain capital from your bank. Your business plan includes a full set of financial projections for five years. Included in the programme is 4 meetings to get information, discuss financials, draft plan and final plan meetings.

Build a financial plan so you can focus the business to improve cash flow over a 13-week period. Three important financial strategy sessions set to improve pricing, debtor value reduction, creditor increases, stock reduction, overhead and COGS reduction.

Fortnightly one-hour one-on-one sessions to grow revenue, profit, cash flow, and business value aligned to a comprehensive business plan ProfitPlus has created for your business. One day planning retreat at 12 months to update business plan and strategies.

We’ll facilitate a two-day planning retreat to set the business’s direction and to build a comprehensive business plan. Fortnightly one-hour one-on-one sessions to implement the plan, 90 days refocus sessions and a 1-day planning retreat at 12 months.

Work with you to develop a business plan for a start up or pre-startup business. The focus is to assess the viability of the financial assumptions, adjust the business model until finances produce desired results. There are four 3-hour sessions.

A financial assessment of your business financial performance in seven critical areas. Development of strategies for improving areas found to be deficient or where there are opportunities and seven one-on-one one hour sessions to implement.

One-hour one-on-one sessions where we work with on a new area of your business each fortnight. Each fortnight you will work in our planning system to build a comprehensive business plan. One-page plan at 6 months, with a full plan at 12 months.

Over13 weeks we work with your business to build a comprehensive business plan. Your plan includes the standard areas of a quality plan plus additional strategies for improvement for weekly, monthly, and quarterly ‘work on your business’ activities.

Creation of a laser focused one-page business plan in a one-day workshop environment. Fortnightly implementation sessions during the 6 months. Two quarterly planning session to refocus strategies and develop forward looking 90 day goals.

An 18 page free diagnostic assessment of your business revealing areas of improvement through a traffic light system; green, amber, red. Created through a 30 minute online questionnaire.

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